Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I thought I would get more time and blog more often about my time with my dad with Dementia.  but unfortunately that did not happen.  He passed away July 18th, 2017.  When he passed, he could do nothing for himself.  I wonder sometimes why we treat our animals better than our loved ones and make them go through things that we would not put our dogs or cats through.  he was just a shell of a person and he certainly was not himself for many months.  He had been gone for many months.  I do not believe he even had brain activity.  When he passed he did not even seem to know anything that was going on around him.  I think he had been brain dead for a while.  He stopped eating the day before and went the next day so for that I was thankful, that it did not drag on.  I was also thankful that for my dad who had always been ridden with anxiety issues,  he had none at the end.  So, maybe God does know what he he is doing in that respect.  I wonder sometimes when it is young people that die way to early.  but, then I remember we live in an un-perfect world and Shit happens that really should not.  There is no explanation for it except Satan does exist. And bad things happen to good people.  It is just hard for the rest of us to watch and see and understand.  So, for my dad he was 90 years old and had lived a good long life.  and for that I was thankful.  God does know best.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

living with alzheimer's

Today is January 27th, 2016  My dad has been with us since November of 2014.  Since he moved in with us because my sister and brother's and I knew it was time he could no longer live in the assisted living.  He needed more help.  He could walk at the time without the help of anything.  He could get up and go to the bathroom and do what he needed to do without any help.  He now is in a wheelchair mostly and if he needs to stand up we use the walker.  He used the walker in-between now and back then but he no longer can use that safely either.  When he tries to walk with the walker now he leans to one side and really can not get his feet to go where he wants them too.   He has become incontinent  and needs to wear depends briefs all the time.  He refers to me as this gal or miss.  He told my husband the other day that this gal tried to hit him.  Then later he added with snowballs.  he sometimes talks coherently and sometimes he just kinda of babbles.  When my sister comes by he sometimes knows who she is but mostly not.  When we saw the neurologist he could not name any of his children but he did know he had five.  I know one of these days he will be bed ridden and I am not looking forward to that at all.  I think I need to find a support group online just to see what is ahead.  Then, at least, I will be prepared.  When he came up here he was having a tough time walking any distance so,  we thought perhaps it was his heart again.  but, come to find out it was not that.  It was because at some point he had had a stroke and it paralyzed his diaphragm and so his lung atrophied.  So, he only has one lung that works and yet he does not need oxygen because he keeps his oxygen levels above 90, usually around 95.  How he does that with one lung is beyond me.  he has had a stint put in about 5 years ago and he has had a partial hip replacement last year.  I think I will look up a online support group and see how that goes for now.

Saturday, December 27, 2014


I just watched this tutorial and it was really cool.  thought someone else might like to go and watch it too!!!

My New Year's resolution

                                   One new resolution

My new resolution for the new year is to blog a little everyday.  I have things to say as much as everyone else does.  I am starting a mystery quilt with Pat Sloan, that starts on January !st.  I put a button to it on my blog, so if you want to join you can too.  it is free and you do not have to use her fabrics you can just pull from your own stash.   I promise to write things everyday about taking care of an elderly person.  My dad has moved in with us, and it can be a challenge.  He has some short term memory problems, so, repeating myself can be a little unnerving but it is doable.  I plan on doing a little bit of sewing everyday.  I also have Fibromyalgia, so, if anyone else has that we could keep in contact about what works better to help keep it under control.  But Frankly I want to write inspiring things, upbeat things, things that make us all feel better, wherever we are in the life cycle.  Everybody has mountains to climb or valleys to get out of, that I am sure of in life.  But if we can live with joy in our heart we can get through even the hardest of ordeals.  So, my resolution is to try and help people feel good each day!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wow I need to write more often

Wow I can not believe that it has been 2 years since I last wrote something.  I am going to try and fix that and write more often.  My life now includes my hubby, MIL, who now is living with us and 5 doggies.  Four labs and a dachshund and right now 1 kitty which found us.  She is just so cute.  But since she just showed up she had a bit of a problem.  She had 2 bot fly larve inbedded in her neck.  Which had to be cut out.  I had to do both of them and it was gross!!  The vet told me how to do it and it just had to be me who had to do it!!  The vet then gave her some antibiotics when I could get her to him.  She is doing much better.  She might have a neurological problem is what the vet said but we will have some time to figure that out.  She kinda holds her head to one side.  We are not sure if it is because that side of the neck hasn't totally healed or another problem.  Time will tell.  I also have a bunch of chickens outside.  I like them.  they are so funny sometimes.  I have a couple that have feathers that stick right up in the front.  So cute!!
I am also working on making little dresses for africa.  If you could help a bit too this is the URL.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Oh our doggie Carissa might be pregnant?  She kinda looks like the breeding took.  She was bred with Cooper our lab who has a big picture on the bottom of this page.  Carissa looks just like him, so I think we will have a litter of beautiful yellow labs.  There are other colors in their background but being that they are both yellow, that is probably what we will get.  Oh I can hardly wait.  I have not had puppies for years here at my house, so I am looking forward to it  ,if she is really pregnant.  She is starting to look like it so we will know more in the few weeks to come... WOO HOO!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Have you been on pinterest?  Oh My you must check it out.  I am beverleym over there.  You can find just about everything you ever wanted to make.  It has all kinds of interesting craft and knitting and crochet and a multitude of other fun things.  You must check it out.  pinterest.com  ... come see....